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10 ways to shine and stand out from the crowd in your next interview

So, they liked your CV, the next step is the (sometimes) dreaded interview. But how do you kill it and make a good impression…. Here are 10 tips to really…
07 April
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What to wear at work?

Want to look fashionable without breaking your office dress code? Below is a guide designed by TM Lewin to provide you with some great fashion tips suitable for every business…
21 February
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Employers Reveal What They Are Really Looking For

As company culture is shifting within businesses across the UK, it’s becoming more holistic in its demands. While experience and qualifications are always going to be on the agenda, they…
07 July
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CV Secrets Everyone Should Know

More often than not, CV’s can be a struggle to write, let alone perfect. It really is crucial that your CV makes an outstanding first impression to recruitment agencies and…
07 July
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Should you accept a counter offer?

To begin with, there are many reasons why you would want to leave your current employer. You don’t feel valued. There is no opportunity for career growth. You feel underpaid…
06 July
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5 Real Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job

The job market is fast becoming saturated, and the interview process can be a stressful and anxious time. Each job search is unique, and there are many factors at play…
22 April
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