10 ways to shine and stand out from the crowd in your next interview

07 April

So, they liked your CV, the next step is the (sometimes) dreaded interview. But how do you kill it and make a good impression….

Here are 10 tips to really shine at your next interview:

1) Study the Company:
It’s one of the simplest tricks but lots of people fail to use it. By taking some time to get to know about the company and their latest events you will be able to ask better questions that will demonstrate your interest in the company and that you have done your homework.

2) Study the job description:
You wouldn’t go into an exam without revising the material you have been given, so why go into an interview without? This will give you the opportunity to make sure you know where you can show off your skills and steer the interview to put you in the best light possible.

3) Give concrete examples of your skills:
Leading on from studying the job description and the skills they are looking for, make sure you have specific examples that you can bring to the table. Don’t just come up with hypothetical ideas, by giving them examples this not only allows them to see you can deal with these skills, but also gives them something to take away when they have to decide who to hire.

4) Be Yourself!
It sounds so silly, but interviewers commonly make comments about how candidates were not themselves. Interviews are stressful but try and relax. An interview not only allows you to show off your experience, but also for the company to get to know you and if you will fit in with their team.

5) Make Eye Contact:
Eye contact is one of the best forms of nonverbal communication, so this is another great way for you to show the interviewer who you truly are. It is also a great way to show confidence.

6) Body Language
Just like eye contact, this is another way to demonstrate your confidence and self-esteem. Think about how you are sitting, what you are doing with your hands, as well as other mannerisms. Even if you are not feeling so confident, body language can sure make you look as if you are not losing your cool.

7) Build Rapport
A simple hand shake, eye contact and a positive tone can all set the tone. There is likely to be an introduction, and possibly time when you are walking with the interviewer to the interview room. A simple “how is your day going?” can work wonders and give a positive start. (Don’t forget to be nice to the reception staff as well!)

8) Know your resume
It seems pretty obvious that you should know about yourself, after all you wrote your CV. Make sure you brush up on what you put down on there though, you don’t want to look silly getting something wrong when you are nervous.

9) Prepare an Interview Emergency Kit
Having a few extra CVs printed out is always handy, so is having directions to the office, a pen, notepad, bottle of water and a little snack. Who knows what can go wrong. Make sure you only take the extra CVs into the interview though in a portfolio.

10) Follow Up Quickly
Following your interview, a little email to say thank you is never a bad idea. But make sure you do it promptly, decisions are made quickly, this is your final chance to make a good impression.

Now you are ready to go get them…….. GOOD LUCK!


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